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More and more Filipinos today are dreaming of owning their dream home, driving their dream car or launching a new business. But it’s also evident how some Filipinos remain hesitant and anxious on making these seemingly elusive dreams happen. We really have to educate most Filipinos when it comes to financial literacy. Changing their mind-set cannot be done overnight, but it can be done.

Common challenges are the notions that purchasing a home entails a long and difficult process and that it is cash intensive. But with the efforts of the government and banks to speed up the process of loan application and documentation, more and more Filipinos are beginning to realize that it’s easy to take the leap. Around 85% of our buyers are first-time homebuyers and they are quite surprised with how fast and easy it’s nowadays to own their dream house.

Over the past years, we have served over two thousand families in making their dreams a reality. Today, we remain relentless in our vision more Filipinos buy their dream home by empowering them and assisting them in making the right decision.

In our pursuit to empower more Filipinos globally, we have launched “Driven Pinoy Dream” as a tool to reach more and more people every year. The vision of this campaign is to uplift our hard working Filipinos and make them realize that all these can be achieved through proper financial literacy, home loan and investment know-how and taking advantage of the smart deals and offers available for them.

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Lubar A. Delos Reyes
Driven Marketing Group., Inc.